Military technologies

Logos Production Company has developed a wide range of training simulators for practically the entire nomenclature of armored equipment currently manuifactured in Russia: T-55, T-62, T-72, T-80B, T-80Y, T-90 tanks; infantry fighting vehicles BMP-1, BMP-2, BMP-3, BMP-3M; armored personnel carriers BTR-80, BTR-80A, BTR-90; airborne armored assault vehicles BMD-3, multi-axle wheeled chassis MAZ-7917 and MAZ-543. In 2017 the company developed an innovational simulator complex for training commanders and specialists of artillery units. These simulators are accepted for procurement by the Armed Forces of Russian Federation, and they are mainted at the top state-of-the-art level.

Logos production company approach to development of modern training simulators


The modular principle of simulator construction developed by the company allows to integrate the individual training simulators into full-scale tank and combat vehicle crew training simulators, as well as for practicing tactical missions by military units.


Scalability allows to form multi-element training simulator systems of required configuration with reference to the missions to be accomplished, trainee team manning, availability of functional modules, while ensuring saving of time and material and technical resources. 


One of the critical issues in developing simulators in our country and abroad is compatibility of the simulators made by different manufacturers, belonging to different generations, developed on different platforms. Solution of this problem allows to avoid diffusing efforts, to reduce the development time and to improve qualitative characteristics of the systems being created. 

Technology and product standardization

A series of the HLA (High Level Architecture) standards, such as IEEE 1516.1, IEEE 1516.2, IEEE 1516.3 are used as the international standards for simulators starting from the year 2000. The Logos Production Company simulator software includes support of the HLA interfaces, including the HLA Evolved version of the 2010 standard. For the simulator hardware, the key standardization issue is interaction of the hardware components simulating the equipment of combat vehicles and systems. At the present time there are many industrial standards, and apparently the ISO 11898 (CAN, Controller Area Network) standard is one of the most suitable standards ensuring connection into one network of the “intellectual” input-output devices, sensors and actuators of a certain mechanism and even an enterprise. Such standard allows to sharply reduce dependence on the manufacturer, to carry out certain repairs by the method of replacement of an item with a new one, etc.


Unification provides for elimination of the unjustified variety of the same-purpose products, diversity of their component parts and bringing their manufacturing methods to uniformity. All training simulators of Logos Production Company are unified in terms of the interaction interfaces, basic assemblies and component parts.