Logos took part in Gulf Defense & Aerospace 2017


Logos Company took part in international military and aerospace exhibition «The 4th Gulf Defense & Aerospace Exhibition & Conference» held from December 12 to 14, 2017 in Kuwait.

Innovations Day of Russian MoD 2014


The Innovations Day of Russian Ministry of Defense 2014 was held in Alabino.

At "Skolkovo" innovations center booth the representatives of Logos Production Firm LLC highlighted use of advansed agent technologies in implementation of unique innovative product - RUBEZH tactical simulator.


Largest development using Logos software for tactical simulators completed


The largest ever innovative development using Logos software for tactical simulators is completed.

  • Over 100 workstations.

The full-scale training suite includes systems related virtually to all arms of the Armed Forces:

  • Air systems
  • Marine systems
  • Army systems

The operations are conducted in unified tactical environment.

Innovations day of Russian Ministry of Defense


In August Logos took part in Innovations Day of Russian Ministry of Defense. You can watch video demonstrating operation of Logos Tactical Simulation System within this project of the Russian MoD.

67 foreign military diplomats arrived in Ryazan


67 representatives of foreign militray diplomatic core arrived in Ryazan on Tuesday, June11, to get familiarized with the Russian Armed Forces operation system. The visit was initialized jointly by Main Personnel Department of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation and Main International Military Cooperation Department.