Artillery unit training simulators

These simulators are intended for special training of artillery unit fire direction center officers in fire delivery and fire control techniques, for conducting group exercises and briefings of officers, team training and shakeup of control post staff while performing fire missions in the virtual battlefield conditions. For the first time ever these simulators provide for integrated training and automated evaluation of the officers’ actions at all stages of the unit fire control in compliance with the regulatory documents. Compared to the existing similar products, the new simulators provide for all-around implementation of the entire set of measures for organizing combat operations of gunnery units, for arrangement of fire delivery and fire control, for practicing all standard activities listed in the combat documentation, for training teamwork and crew shakeup, for participating in and practicing of joint actions with combined arms forces and other cooperating units within a common virtual battlefield environment, which as a whole allows to significantly improve the combat training quality of the tactical level gunnery units.

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